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Mark Juliano - Entrepreneur, Consultant, Educator, Writer

Mark Juliano's Bio:

Mark Juliano has over 30 years of entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and executive experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, Internet, software, security, medical, and fashion industries. He served in a variety of capacities including CEO, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Product Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

Mark Juliano currently is the CEO, President and Founder of Michelangelo Enterprises, a multinational company (based in the USA). Subsidiaries included, but are not limited to -- Renaissance Security, Renaissance Consulting, The Nutra Foundation (for- and non-profit enterprises), Shangri La Resort in Cooks Forest (PA) and soon to be The Clarion River Woodland Lodge...

Mark has founded over a dozen (companies) is technology, telecommunications/networking, consulting, fashion, food services, resorts and non-profits.

The Renaissance Consulting firm provides a wide variety of part-time and acting Executive Management services including: business planing, strategy, business startup advising, financing and funding, marketing and sales planning & execution, e-commerce, Internet marketing and website design and development. He has consulted to a number of companies including IronYun, Brava Fashions, Marconi, Blue Hammock and other.

Among Mark's startup ventures and work experience include: Michelangelo Enterprises (new startup), Renaissance Security (new startup), FORE Systems (IPO), AVIDIA (acquisition), MediaSite (acquisition), TalkShoe, Haley Systems (acquisition), Vinomis Laboratories, Network Equipment Technologies, ROLM/IBM, and Brava Fashions. He is also the President/CEO of The Juliano Family Foundation and The Nutra Foundation.

Mark was an Adjunct Professor for 12 years at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and San Francisco State University (SFSU) teaching classes in high-tech marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning and creativity & innovation. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BSE from Princeton University.

Mark is originally from New York City, and has also lived in Jericho (NY), Palo Alto (CA), Sonoma (CA), Pittsburgh (PA), Erie (PA) and Placerville (CA).

Mark's hobbies and outside interests include: creative writing, poetry, cross-country skiing, singing, downhill skiing, sailing, hiking, camping and photography.

Mark Juliano's Experience:

Mark Juliano's Education:

Mark Juliano's Interests & Activities:

Professional Interests: entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, video surveillance, investment management, consulting, medical, biotechnology, e-commerce, sales management, blogging. Other interests: science, politics, astronomy, travel, outdoor adventure , stock investing. Activities: cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, camping, writing, poetry, sculpture

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